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3 Of The Best Home Improvements You Can Make For Winter

Everyone has spent lots of time at home this year, and being indoors for large periods in the winter isn’t the worst thing any way because at least it keeps you away from the cold weather. 

You just need to make sure that you keep yourself well-occupied, which you can do by making improvements to your home, or organising for someone like Styleglaze to do it for you. 

There’s probably a long list of ways you could enhance your living space, but we would suggest focusing on those that will make it cosier, like these three ideas:

Install thick, new carpets

Get any worn carpeting taken out and replaced with new carpets which will add some bounce to your flooring, as well as a brand-new scent to the house. 

The thicker the better, and with extra underlay if you want maximum warmth from your flooring, and for it to also retain as much heat as possible from your radiators. 

You will definitely notice that rooms feel warmer, and also notice a reduction in your energy bill costs. We just urge you not to walk on any new carpets with shoes on so that they remain spotless.

Repaint a room in an upbeat colour

If the paintwork in a certain room is looking drab, or a current colour scheme looks outdated, it’s time to don your overalls and give it a repaint. 

You need a few windows open so that any paint fumes can escape, so wait for a dry day, and don’t do it alone as that way you can get it done faster. 

Don’t go for a colour that’s too dark, and opt for something that will lighten the atmosphere, like a soft yellow, gentle orange or delicate green. After it’s dried, new artwork, fabrics and furniture can be installed.

Fit energy efficient windows & doors

We’re not officially into winter yet, which will be a worry if your energy bills have already sharply increased in price. You need to save this money for more important things. 

The installation of energy efficient double or triple glazed windows and doors will make an enormous positive difference to your fuel costs and eliminate draughts. 

For an indication of how much a window upgrade will save you in the long-term, use the GGF’s Energy Saving Calculator. Then you will realise why buying new windows alone is worthwhile.

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