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How To Bring Down The Cost Of An Expensive Energy Bill

One of your biggest outgoings at the moment might be the cost of your energy bills, and you won’t be alone. Many other households will be facing sky-high fuel costs this winter too. 

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But it is an issue that can be solved, and it needs to be solved now because otherwise, you could be looking at a £171 rise in your annual energy bills in 2021, according to a group of experts. 

The first thing you must do is ensure you’re on the cheapest energy tariff, and then take a couple of other important steps:

Change your energy supplier

Have you visited a price comparison site recently to check if you are paying the right amount of money for your energy? So many people fail to do this and are missing out on huge savings. 

It can take only a few minutes to find a cheaper tariff and agree to a switch, which will be handled by your current supplier.

When switching suppliers for the first time, you could potentially save £300+, and further savings can be made if you switch again after a year or two. 

Install a brand-new boiler

Old boilers are very unreliable. They tend to break down at the worst possible time, and they provide the very minimum of energy efficiency. 

With regular servicing, a modern boiler is the complete opposite and will both operate effectively and efficiently for many years, making it worth the high cost. 

Likely to last for 15+ years, an A-rated boiler will help you make a yearly saving of £340+ for the next 15 year or so.

Fit energy efficient windows & doors

We urge every householder to buy energy efficient windows and doors for their home, and it’s not just because we are a window and door supplier!

You will get your money back from them in time as they can reduce heat loss by up to 75% when specified to the highest energy efficient standards.

This vast reduction of heat loss will enable you to ease your boiler usage, making your energy bills a whole lot cheaper in the long-term.

Styleglaze provides FREE quotes for energy efficient windows and doors if you need them to make the cost of energy less of a financial headache.

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