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What Causes Condensation And How It Can Be Stopped

1st February 2021

As a renowned window specialist, customers often come to Styleglaze for advice, and one of the things we’re most asked about is condensation.  On a daily basis, throughout the autumn and winter, someone will get in touch wanting advice on how they can kill off condensation, because let’s face it, it makes windows look really...

How To Bring Down The Cost Of An Expensive Energy Bill

19th January 2021

One of your biggest outgoings at the moment might be the cost of your energy bills, and you won’t be alone. Many other households will be facing sky-high fuel costs this winter too.  But it is an issue that can be solved, and it needs to be solved now because otherwise, you could be looking...

3 Home Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2021

7th January 2021

A New Year offers so many new opportunities. With it looking likely that we’ll be indoors at home for the next few weeks at least, what an opportunity it is to modernise your living space.  To nail any home makeover, you need to try and implement changes that are perfectly in vogue with current trends. ...

How To Give Your Home A Fabulous Festive Look

1st December 2020

It won’t be a ‘normal’ Christmas this year, but you should try and make it as normal as you possibly can at your home, especially for any little ones in the family.  Spoil them rotten with lots of lovely presents, and do your decorating together, going to even further lengths than usual to make your...

3 Of The Best Home Improvements You Can Make For Winter

16th November 2020

Everyone has spent lots of time at home this year, and being indoors for large periods in the winter isn’t the worst thing any way because at least it keeps you away from the cold weather.  You just need to make sure that you keep yourself well-occupied, which you can do by making improvements to...

When Upgrading Your Door, Is A UPVC Door Or Composite Door Best?

26th October 2020

The condition of a front door can speak volumes about a house. A nice, tidy entranceway usually symbolises that the people living behind it are very house proud, whereas an unkempt door says something entirely different to people on the outside!  If your front door isn’t in the best of shape, change it this autumn/winter...

Ways To Make Your Home A More Secure Place To Live

7th October 2020

The arrival of autumn usually signals a sharp rise in the number of home burglaries that occur in the UK, and it makes sense because it’s darker outside earlier and thieves see it as a chance to rob homes without getting caught.  Right now, we’re all being reminded of the importance of home security as...

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Solid Roof Installation?

29th September 2020

Now that the weather is cooling, we are being inundated with requests for our solid roof systems from those who own a conservatory or orangery that they wish to use in comfort this autumn/winter.  Some customers aren’t aware that you sometimes need to get planning permission for a solid roof installation.  It’s vital they know...

3 Changes You Can Make This National Home Improvement Month

21st September 2020

Turning your house into a home doesn’t just happen overnight. For some homeowners, it can be a never ending project. As seasons change, we tend to switch things up in our homes and with autumn just around the corner, you may want to consider giving your home a refresh.  Plus, this September is National Home...

You Get An Industry-Leading 20 Year Guarantee At Styleglaze

20th August 2020

If someone were to ask us why they should choose Styleglaze for their next home improvement project, there are a number of reasons we could give them. Having over 25 years worth of experience of supplying and fitting windows, doors and conservatories would be one of the biggest, as would us being an accredited member...

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