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What Causes Condensation And How It Can Be Stopped

As a renowned window specialist, customers often come to Styleglaze for advice, and one of the things we’re most asked about is condensation. 

Double Glazing

On a daily basis, throughout the autumn and winter, someone will get in touch wanting advice on how they can kill off condensation, because let’s face it, it makes windows look really ugly. 

Prior to telling them how to solve the issue, we provide them with some insight into the root causes of condensation, which are the presence of excess moisture and high humidity indoors. 

This moisture and humidity can build-up in various ways. As an example, when you don’t leave a window open when taking a hot shower or bath, or don’t use pan lids when cooking food on the hob. 

How you get rid of it is through better ventilation. Opening windows is one method of drawing out this moisture and humidity, and another is using a dehumidifier in your house. 

It’s not a good idea to just let condensation happen again and again. You need to do something about it because when left alone, it can eventually make your windows less stable, and any mould or damp that results from it can have a negative impact on your health. 

An immediate solution is to wipe the condensation away with a towel each morning. However, the more logical long-term solution is to replace your windows with double or triple glazed energy efficient windows. 

They have a far warmer profile than old single glazed windows, and this significantly reduces the chances of condensation making an unwelcome appearance. 

So that you know, a little bit of external condensation can be present on energy efficient windows for a short time in the mornings during certain months of the year (March / April and October) due to the varying temperatures. But it won’t last long as any bit of a breeze or warmth will make the condensation fast evaporate from the outer glass pane.

You will find more information about condensation in a Helpful Guide that Styleglaze has produced. Get a FREE copy of it here

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