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Love Your Home - 3 Home Goals You Can Fulfil During Lockdown

Love Your Home

We’re not used to spending so much time at home, but while we are, it is important to make the most of it and keep as busy as we can.

There’s always something to be doing around the house, not least a few bits of DIY. Yes, we know it’s not the most exciting job in the world, but when else are you going to have as much time to do them? Possibly never, so crack on!

If it’s too much of a chore to do-it-yourself, round up some help from anyone else living in your house. Various home goals can be accomplished with some simple DIY, including these three tasks:

Reinvigorate a room by repainting it

You tend to be more perceptive when limited to the indoors for a decent stretch and spot things more than you would normally, such as recognising that a room would benefit from a fresh lick of paint.

A bit of touching up or a complete repaint can give your living space an enormous lift and if there’s a few of you doing it, the turnaround will be fast.

When totally changing a colour scheme, why not order a paint in a colour associated with spring, something like a sage / mint / olive green or a cheery yellow.

To get two colours in the same space, paint your door and skirting boards in opposing finishes, a popular current trend.

Tip One

Do some fixing and some upcycling

Dust off the old toolbox and put your hands to use by fixing anything around the house that’s broken, damaged or about to drop off.

You don’t need to be a DIY dynamo to fix a leaky kitchen or bathroom pipe, tighten door pulls and handles, re-caulk or reseal a bathtub or shower, unblock a drain etc.

Think of the money you will save too by tackling things yourself, rather than getting in the Pros after lockdown.

Get your creative juices flowing as well and see if you can turn any of your trash into treasure. Have a go at transforming old glass bottles into decorative pieces of art or restore an old chest back to its former glory.

Tip Two

See to the garden and get it into shape

We’ve never needed our gardens more than we do at the moment for getting some fresh air and time away from the indoors.

So that you can use it to its full potential when the weather is set fair, set out all your garden furniture and give the kids a licence to take their favourite toys and games outside.

But prior to that, tidy up the garden with some weeding, pruning, strimming and mowing, making it look immaculate.

Sitting out sure beats sitting in and to be able to do it after sunset, have a few lanterns and candles put in place, and cosy textures nearby for when it gets chilly.

Tip three

For more advice on how you can improve your home during lockdown, try our FREE online design appointment service where you can talk to us from home via video link.

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