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3 Changes You Can Make This National Home Improvement Month

Turning your house into a home doesn’t just happen overnight. For some homeowners, it can be a never ending project.

As seasons change, we tend to switch things up in our homes and with autumn just around the corner, you may want to consider giving your home a refresh. 

Plus, this September is National Home Improvement Month and so if you have an overlooked space in your home that could do with an upgrade, then now is the time to do it! There are countless DIY projects that will completely transform your home and help to make it more cosy in time for when the cooler months arrive. 

Here’s 3 home improvement ideas you may want to try yourself: 

Give your kitchen cabinets a new lease of life

There’s no surprise that our kitchens can show wear and tear over time. For many of us, it is the heart of our homes and so it gets plenty of use each and every day. However, a complete renovation isn’t always necessary, especially if you’re already happy with the layout and the units are structurally sound. 

Instead, you can revive your kitchen by painting the cabinets and replacing the handles. Working with what you already have will save you money and is relatively straightforward to do. 

Brighten up your master bedroom with removable wallpaper

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space where you’re able to unwind after a busy day. As the evenings are gradually getting darker, you may want to consider decorating your room with removable wallpaper to brighten it up and create a warm and cosy atmosphere. 

Not only are there a wealth of gorgeous designs to choose from, but as the name suggests, removable wallpaper allows you to decorate your home without  commitment, as you can simply peel it off once you’re done. Which also makes it the perfect solution for those who rent or lease a property!  

Spruce up your front entrance 

The home improvements don’t just end indoors, you can also give the outside of your home some TLC by tidying up your entranceway and keeping the front well-maintained. 

Increase your kerb appeal even more so by investing in a new front door. Not only will it transform your home, but a replacement door could also improve energy-efficiency by helping to keep cold draughts outside. 

In need of some inspiration? We have a wide variety of high quality doors here at Styleglaze. Request a free brochure today to browse our extensive range and find the perfect door to suit your home.  

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