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Do You Need Planning Permission For A Solid Roof Installation?

Now that the weather is cooling, we are being inundated with requests for our solid roof systems from those who own a conservatory or orangery that they wish to use in comfort this autumn/winter. 

Some customers aren’t aware that you sometimes need to get planning permission for a solid roof installation. 

It’s vital they know this as disobeying planning laws is a scenario you really don’t want to get into. 

The guidance given for solid roofs is relatively straightforward to understand, and if you follow it, you shouldn’t run into any problems: 


  • When changing a traditional glass roof or polycarbonate roof for a solid roof, you will need to obtain Building Regulatory Approval. 
  • For any advice on solid roofs, speak to your local Building Control Officer. They will tell you what needs to be done to make your solid roof compliant with the rules e.g. adding roof and trickle vents. 
  • When a solid roof is replacing a glass roof, this signals a “change of use” as it results in what was formerly a temporary extension becoming a permanent extension. In the event of a “change of use”, you will usually need planning permission. 
  • Can you remember if you needed planning approval for your conservatory or orangery? If you did, and you’re looking to have a solid roof fitted in place of a translucent roof, you will almost certainly need planning permission, and to also submit a full building regulations application. 
  • You may not have needed to get planning permission for your conservatory or orangery because it fell under Permitted Development Rights. Fitting a solid roof may remove its Permitted Development status, which will necessitate a planning application. 


You can get further guidance about solid roof installations on the LABC website, or just contact Styleglaze for incisive advice on them. 

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