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NEW Flush Casement Windows Available At Styleglaze Now!

Flush Casement Windows are fast increasing in popularity across the Home Improvement market, and are now available at Styleglaze! But what is a Flush Casement Window? And, why should you consider investing in them?

Flush Casement Windows

The term ‘Flush Casement’, describes the way in which the window (or sash) sits without protruding its frame when closed, creating an aesthetically pleasing flat surface on the outside.

The Flush design is actually a traditional type of window that dates back over 200 years, however originally would have been constructed using Timber. From around the 1950’s and onwards to the manufacture of replacement windows and double glazing, designs began to favour lipped casements, and whilst timber windows have always provided an option for flush casements, modern material window types have not.

In the last few years, a number of Flush Casement options have since been developed that now don’t require the hassle of up keeping timber, and provide all the modern window material benefits including superb quality, thermal efficiency, security, durability, easy care and striking colour options.

With a feel of late Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties, the clean, square lines mean Flush Casements can look good in all property types, from traditional to contemporary. You can now add your own personality too, with astragal bars or simplicity, detailed handles and stays, different shades and textures.

So, if you are looking for windows that offer comfort, better insulation, an authentic appearance, improved security, with a choice of colours and textures – Flush Casement Windows are definitely worth your investment.

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