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How To Sustain Your Health When In Your Home

Love Your Home Stay Healthy

Being in lockdown is a difficult situation for us all and some people will struggle with it more than others. 

To those who are finding it a little overwhelming, we just want you to know that you’re certainly not alone. Others share your plight and you will all get through this. 

Take things day-by-day and try to keep your mind and body in a healthy state, as that will help enormously. 

You don’t need a gym or instructor barking orders at you to do it. Having a health-led home routine will do:

Make time for breathing and relaxing

It is vital for your wellbeing that you remain active, which you can do by ticking off jobs that have been left on the backburner forever. Completing such tasks will make you feel like you’ve achieved something. 

But don’t exert too much pressure on yourself and treat yourself to a bit of relaxation time when your to-do list is done. 

Staying connected to friends and family members that you’re apart from is hugely important as you need to talk at a time like this. Get an online gathering organised. A fancy-dress themed virtual quiz is always good for a laugh.

Tip One

Move outdoors when you can

The weather has been so nice recently and long may it continue. When we’re hit by these gloriously sunny spells, you don’t want to be inside and nor should you be if you have a garden. 

Feed your mind and body with fresh air and some Vitamin D to leave you feeling full of energy and refusing to give in to lockdown.

As you would on holiday, take breakfast, lunch and dinner outside and eat away in a spot where you’re right in the sun. It’ll get the kids outside too and you could even do their homeschooling in the open air.

Tip Two

Extend your hobbies and start baking

Can you think of a better time to try a new hobby? Baking would be a good one as scientists believe it to be a great way of relieving stress in people and a therapeutic activity. 

You don’t have to have baked in your life to attempt cooking up some red velvet cupcakes, chocolate brownies or fruity flapjacks. Just get the ingredients you need and give it a go. 

Pop on your pinny, fire up the oven and have your mixing bowls, whisk and rolling pins at the ready to try and create your own show stopping sweet treats.

Tip three

You could also use this time to have a think about what improvements you could make to your home. If Styleglaze can help with that, we remain available to talk via our FREE Online Appointment Service.

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