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When Upgrading Your Door, Is A UPVC Door Or Composite Door Best?

The condition of a front door can speak volumes about a house. A nice, tidy entranceway usually symbolises that the people living behind it are very house proud, whereas an unkempt door says something entirely different to people on the outside! 

Green Composite Door

If your front door isn’t in the best of shape, change it this autumn/winter for a new UPVC or composite door from Styleglaze. 

Our UPVC and composite door designs are so diverse, and they come in an unbelievable number of coloured finishes. 

It would be difficult for us to recommend that you buy a UPVC door over a composite door, or vice-versa, as they’re both as good as each other. However, we can help you make up your own mind on the two options by giving you some info on how they fare in certain key areas: 


Just so you know, UPVC is a shortened version of its full name ‘unplasticized polyvinyl chloride’. Note the presence of the word ‘plastic’ in ‘unplasticized’. This is why UPVC doors have a plastic sheen to them. 

When first introduced into the market, UPVC doors were always white-coloured, but you can get them in all sorts of colours now. 

Many people mistake a composite door for a timber door, and that’s not surprising as wood is one of the various materials used to construct a composite door. 

If you’re a fan of the look of wood, you will love the look of a composite door. 


For a lot of people, money will be the overriding factor when buying a new door. 

Composite doors are more expensive than UPVC doors, but there are many examples of composite doors lasting for 30+ years or more, so they’re worth the extra cash. 

Despite being low-cost, a UPVC still offers tremendous all-round quality and can similarly endure for many years. 


The main role of your front door is to protect your home. 

Because a composite door is made up of several resilient materials, it offers uncompromising toughness, and is incredibly thick. 

A UPVC door frame isn’t quite as robust, but incorporated into the door is a multi-point locking system, and a number of other secure mechanisms. 

Our Daventry showroom is open for Private Appointments if you would like to see a selection of UPVC doors and composite doors in a natural environment. 

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