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Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors will enhance your living space bringing the outside inside...

Styleglaze’s stylish bi-folding doors add a contemporary atmosphere to many locations in your home while providing the highest level of security, excellent weather protection and effortless operation. Our stunning bi-folding doors create a talking point in any home. They fully open, by discretely folding to the sides, to allow you unrestricted access to the great outdoors. Even when closed, the glass wall effect created by our bi-folding doors enables lots of light into your home and allows you to get maximum pleasure from your garden whatever the weather. State-of-the-art hardware ensures these doors provide maximum security while remaining light and easy to operate. Our Bi-fold doors also provide an ideal replacement for existing Patio or French doors; versatile and aesthetically pleasing they flood any room with natural light.

Include a bi-folding door in your conservatory design...

You will find the option of being able to create a big opening in your conservatory via a set of bi-folding doors endlessly appealing. No other door solution can be compared to a bi-folding door in terms of how it looks and how it functions. The entire framework and roof bars can be coloured in the same finish to give them a uniformed styling and seeing them operate is nothing short of spectacular.

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Bi-folding doors and the brickwork of an orangery fit together nicely...

As pairings go, you cannot get much better than a beautiful bi-folding door integrated into a lavish orangery design as they complement so well. A bi-fold can accommodate the largest portion of the orangery and give you the option of almost completely opening out the extension. The sight of a fully opened bi-folding door will generate such excitement.

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Establish an invaluable connection between home settings...

Two home settings can be merged into one by installing a set of bi-folding doors in a suitable aperture between them. This can be inside the house rather than between a conservatory / orangery and garden. As an example, you could connect up a bedroom with a patio area or indoor gym with an outdoor swimming pool. There’s no shortage of options.

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