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UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

Just think of the time and money you can save on painting your home, or repairing/ replacing rotting fascias or soffits. This can all be a thing of the past when you replace your fascias, soffits, barge board, or cladding with low maintenance UPVC building products from Styleglaze.

It is difficult to get particularly excited over gutters, guttering and drainpipes but at Styleglaze we love great guttering! Gutters are an important defence mechanism for your home, ensuring all the muck and rubbish such as moss and tree debris are taken away from your home, with the rain water through your drain pipes. Poorly functioning drainpipes can let water into your home causing damp, rot and structural damage. In addition to protecting your walls, great guttering and downpipes complement your home and Styleglaze offer a range of styles, colours and finishes to match your home perfectly.

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Roofline Fascias & Soffits in high quality UPVC...

Timber fascias and soffits are incapable of performing to their very best once weathering begins to take its toll on them. You can attempt to delay the ageing process by applying capping boards over any rotting timber but the nails will more than likely come loose at some point and once again leave your fascias and soffits exposed to further deterioration. The worse the water damage gets, the more problems it will cause for your home and your finances.

Instead of using such tactics, you are far better solving the issue by having brand new UPVC fascias and soffits fitted as they have a weather-resistant exterior and are more equipped to deal with weathering.

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